Websites from scratch

I’ll work with you to get all your information content to your website. If you need your website posted in a hurry – we can use a website template or theme of your choice. If there is a website that you would like to model yours after – we can emulate it. If you have no idea where to begin – don’t worry! I’ll show some examples to you and explain in plain language what we need to do together to get your website up and running.

Business card website

If you’re looking to just get on the web inexpensively, a single page, business card website may be right for you. It will include your business contact information, company logo or photo, business hours, clickable email link and a brief paragraph or list (perhaps a list of services). Optionally, it can also include links to your social media accounts and their posts, photo sliders, Youtube videos, etc. This will also include submission of your site to Google, Bing and other search engines to get your page listed.

This is a good way to go if you’d just like to get started with a website and would like to expand later. Depending on your requirements, the cost is approximately $300, which includes the $125 annual fee for domain name registration and website hosting.

Website makeovers

If you already have a website but want to change or update it, I can help you with that. We can use some of the services listed below to make your website as good as possible or re-do the whole site. If you would like some of the advanced features of our web hosting, I can assist you in transferring your site and domain name.

Website hosting package:

  • Hosting Using our web hosting service, your site will be hosted on fast, reliable servers with 99.9% uptime. You will have plenty of web space for your website and emails. 
  • Domain name acquisition & registration As part of our web hosting service, we will acquire a domain name for you and register it in your name. We will find domain names that are available and appropriate for your site. All extensions are available (i.e. .com, .org, .net, .us, etc.)  
  • Email & webmail You can have all the email addresses that you need at your domain name ( You can have these emails automatically forward to any other email address (note: AOL has problems with this type), access email via a webmail account or receive it in your Outlook, Outlook Express or other email program.  
  • Email lists & newsletters Target your customers, send coupons, sales, notices and special offers. Let visitors to your website opt in or out of your email notifications. You only need to send an email to a single email address to reach all your customer email addresses. I can help you design HTML-based emails if needed.  
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) In order for your website to be found by web surfers it needs to be recognized by search engines. The coding of your website will be optimized for search engines (Google, Bing,Yahoo!, etc.) and your website information will also be submitted to all the major search engines so that your site can be found online.

Website statistics

Website statistics can provide a wealth of information about your site and how customers are finding your site online. These statistics can tell you how many visits each page gets, which keywords were used in the search engine to find your site, how long the customer stayed on your site, where your visitors are coming from and so much more. Over time this information can be used to fine-tune your site and make it even better.

Need something else?

There’s a lot more that can be done for your website. I’m very resourceful and willing to try something new. I keep up with the last technology and services and will suggest ways to make your website work for you.